Introduction of Aluminum (ALLOY) SAND CASTINGS

With over 50 years experience and knowledge deeply rooted in the casting field, Rong Feng has earned a reputed name of cast aluminum expert in the industry. To satisfy diversified demands from customers, in addition to the traditional sanding casting, Rong Feng also provides automatic modeled casting services, with the capability of producing large aluminum casting parts.

To ensure quality and increase production efficiency, the Rong Feng technical team with rich experiences and deep technology has built a rigorous production process. From molding, casting, edge cleaning, sandblasting, and all the way to finished casting products, every step is deliberately scrutinized for perfection in pursuit of best quality offered to our customers.

Rong Feng offers the following products:

  • Aluminum alloy casting parts
  • Large-size casting parts
  • Precision cast parts
  • The products are applied to the following fields:
    Automobile parts, mechanic components, agricultural machinery parts, machine tools, ship hardware, aerospace defense, architecture, and artistic landscaping.

With the exquisite casting technology, the industry and art are perfectly combined, to faithfully present the design idea, and manifest the aesthetics of architecture.

Taichung National Opera House – the grand theater reflective cast aluminum plates, and Shih Chien University Civil Affairs College Education Building – grilles facades, are the recent representative pieces of combined architectural aesthetics and industrial technology.

In the past 40 plus years, with a solid and steady strength, Rong Feng has endeavored to study the casting technology, and built a profound stance in the market, by expanding the business reach to Japan and Western countries. Our performance is outstanding, and we are deeply trusted and supported by our customers. We are the best choice of a professional casting manufacturer.

With outlook to the future, the Rong Feng business team will uphold the ideas of “Professionalism, Efficiency, Integrity” in using the years of accumulated experience and expertise to build high-quality products with competitive prices, dedicated to serving our customers.

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